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electronics silicone outer insulation electrically insulated spark plug wire copper or graphite thread core conductor rubber body rubber dust lips they keep debris dirt from dropping into the spark plug well spark plug cap brass terminal with pointed screw to connect to wire electrically conductive metal spring plastic sheath electrical resistor 5000 ohm 10000 ohm brass terminal with retaining clip spark plug crush washer seals combustion chamber center ground electrode spark plug wires coil windings inside primary wires from ECU mounting holes ignition coil dual fire or dual tower coil over plug spark plug cap primary wires connect here no high voltage spark plug wires are needed ignition coil brass terminal with retaining clip spark plug ECU electrical control unit engine control unit integrated circuitry inside ignitor electrical connectors ECU electronic control unit engine control unit some are CDI capacitor discharge ignition some are TPI transistorized pointless ignition mounting bolt holes pickup coil sensor electrical wires to ECU timing marks electrical wires from stator go to regulator rectifier flywheel ignition rotor spins on end of crankshaft stator stationary