How Motorcycles

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belt drives widely used on harley davidson and buell motorcycles tire wheel toothed belt counter-shaft drive sprocket cog sidewalls to prevent belt from slipping off cog sprocket advantages long life span several years little to no maintenance disadvantages requires more disassembly of motorcycle to replace belts are endless you can't separate them to install remove limited power capability thickness belt cross-section width kevlar weaved cords inside belt why haven't belts seen more widespread use the amount of horsepower a belt can withstand is directly related to its width you can only make a belt so thick before it becomes too rigid and unflexible to curve around sprockets cogwheels at high speeds too so you need to make a belt wider to accomodate more horsepower which on many modern motorcycles with high horsepower engines would be too wide for design and practicality the rear axle would have to be widened to accomodate a larger sprocket cogwheel