How Motorcycles

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brake pads brake shoe one pair inside a brake drum 3d view side view retainer pin hole brake pad 3d view brake pad backing plate coated steel ceramic coated pivot stud spring retainer hole cam attached to brake pedal lever curved to contour of brake rotor different styles of brake pads what is a sintered brake pad what is sintering sintering is a manufacturing method for making objects from powder by heating the material below its melting point until its particles adhere to each other sintered metal brake pads have increased stopping power and longer life but should only be used on brake rotors that were designed for them imagine a bag of Star Burst fruit chews open the bag take the wrappers off of each individual candy piece then put all the pieces back into the bag set the bag in the sun on a hot day and observe what happens the candy pieces do not melt completely into a large liquid pool of candy but they do melt together just enough to form one large hunk of interconnected candy pieces with air spaces/cavities in between different candy pieces