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cvt continuously variable transmission drive clutch outside clutch sheave sliding variator roller weights belt nut driveshaft outer clutch sheave variator belt drive clutch low rpm the rotational speed of the driveshaft is not enough to cause the weights to fly outwards thus the variator doesn't move towards the outer clutch sheave and the belt is allowed to rotate in a lower ratio medium rpm clutch weights start to fly out high rpm the centrifugal effect causes the roller weights to fly to the outer edges of the variator forcing the variator to slide toward the outer clutch sheave pinching the belt and forcing it to slide outwards thus increasing the drive ratio by adjusting the weight of the clutch weights substituting them with different clutch weights the rpm at which the weights fly out can change thus for example using lighter weights will allow the engine to rev higher before the clutch weights begin to fly out allowing the engine to deliver more torque or horsepower through the clutches the weights are usually adjusted by the factory to the power output of the engine