How Motorcycles

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demonstrating hydraulic fluid dynamic principles hold the end of a garden hose against a very smooth but hard surface with the water flowing you will most likely get wet from the water spray the hose under light pressure from your hand will actually be able to float on the smooth surface without actually touching it because of the force of the water rushing out garden hose flat surface a crankshaft floats in it's main bearings in much the same way oil is pumped to the bearings under pressure and the crankshaft journal is supported by a thin film of oil being fed by the oil pump as the crankshaft spins it drives the oil pump which continually feeds oil to the crankshaft main bearings among other things garden hose flat surface oil pumped in through hole oil bearing clearance exaggerated center of crankshaft journal bearing cap the viscosity thickness thinness of the oil plays an important role in oil clearance bearings also known as plain bearings