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valve clearance shim over bucket cam lobe camshaft shim interchangeable valve clearance valve lifter bucket rocker arm this configuration used on some DOHC Dual/Double Overhead Cam engines cam lobe camshaft operating clearance threaded adjuster locknut measured valve clearance rocker arm rocker arm this configuration used widely on SOHC Single Over Head Cam engines operating clearance measured valve clearance this method used widely on many motorcycles but not on high revving sportbikes with high rpm there is a chance the valve could float slightly meaning the spring doesn't close the valve fast enough as such the shim could pop out and cause severe engine damage most sportbikes use shim under bucket valvetrains on rocker arm valvetrains the clearance is measured between the tip of the threaded adjuster and the end of the valve stem during operation of the engine the rocker arm remains in contact with the end of the valve stem most of the time the clearance will actually be between the cam lobe and the rocker arm