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how torque wrenches work beam type top view head torque arm indicator needle torque scale handle handle pivot 3-d view head indicator needle handle pivot handle torque arm square drive for sockets arm length the torque scale is attached to the torque arm the handle is attached to the torque arm by the handle pivot the purpose of the handle pivot is to make sure that the torque applied to the handle by the user is at a precise distance from the center of the head thus ensuring accurate readings as force is applied via the handle the torque arm will bend whereas the indicator needle will not bend the amount of torque applied is shown by the needle on the torque scale indicator needle shows amount of torque applied on torque scale torque applied to handle the beam type torque wrench is simple in design but more difficult to use compared to a clicker type torque wrench constant torque must be applied to read the scale and it can be difficult for human muscles to apply an accurate constant torque